The Studio

Billimoria & Associates was founded in 2001. We work in the fields of interior design, architecture, residential architecture and commercial interiors.

Billimoria & Associates was founded in 2001 by Darius Billimoria, 5 years after graduating from an architecture College in Bangalore, India. The firm offers architecture and interior design services, and over the course of a decade in the practice, has handled projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional sectors. The firm comprises a team of young professionals attuned to the modern aesthetic and psyche- and thus strives to produce designs that are relevant, practical, client specific and sensitive to environmental and climatoligical concerns.

Our Philosophy

Just as nature does, in art and architecture - form, space, scale, colour and material influence thought and emotion. The difference between an architect and a space planner is that good architecture/ interior design is expected to go beyond successfully answering the client's space and practical requirements and infuse the designed space with spirit. A well conceived space designed with sensitivity can manipulate the human mind (in all the best ways possible) and induce an uplifting of the spirit.

Thus, in each project that Billimoria & Associates undertakes, in addition to using our technical skills to address the client's requirements, we also like to define at the outset, our goal in terms of the mood, emotion, feelings , we would want our spaces to induce.